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Professional Dynametric Programs
Hiring & Onboarding
Eliminate bad hires, find candidates that fit the job and your culture and get them to hit the ground running.
Employee & Team Assessment

Mixing the wrong chemicals together can lead to an explosion. Great team chemistry will lead to high employee engagement and morale.


Enterprise performance and organizational health are inseparable. Your company needs a clean MRI, year after year.


Making sure your organization has a strong leadership pipeline is crucial for your companies success. Identify, retain and develop the leaders of tomorrow.


Identify the one or two key issues holding an employee back and then equip them to make the behavioral adjustments needed to succeed.



"Burt is dedicated professional, seasoned manage, a trustworthy executive and fun to work with."
- Hugues Chassagne
General Manager, Knowings SA Groupe EVERIA
"Burt brings a global perspective to his role as a Certified Value Builder™. Burt would be an excellent sounds board for anyone with a big vision of where they want to take their company."
- John Warrillow
Founder, The Value Builder System™
"Burt’s consulting and PDP tools have been a real help in confirming personnel decisions in our small business expansion. I really appreciate him praying with us and feel he has a God given desire to help families like ours to fulfill the vision the Lord has given to us. I feel he is able to help in HR counsel over a broad range of industries and business."
- Dr. David Wilson
Owner The Reversal Clinic
"We have had the joy of working with Burt in regards to filling several positions at our company. The tools and approaches he has provided have been invaluable. His personal dedication and follow-up has also been wonderful. We would definitely recommend him and his services to better target your company’s hiring processes."
- Angel I. Ribó
President and CEO, Peninsula Research Inc.
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