"I have known Dr. Lohoff-Gaida for the past 25 years and worked with him in various capacities. He has expansive knowledge in all fields of leadership development, talent assessment, sourcing and development. Both his international career and multi-cultural background give him the unique ability to apply his skill set to the benefit of his clients, be the smaller family run companies or globally operating multi-nationals. Burt is a keen and extremely pleasant listener without losing the edge necessary to help clients execute talent strategies through thoughtful change management planning. Lastly, Burt is an outstanding coach to individual, high level executives as well as their teams, helping each to leverage their strengths and work on their development opportunities. I recommend Burt for you HR/talent challenge without reservation."

Rainer Blair

Executive Vice President, Danaher Corporation

"Burt is a skilled human resources strategist. This was my email to him after he reviewed my client Ryan’s PDP Profile. I recommend Burt highly.

Burt, you are bloody BRILLIANT! I don’t know what you said to Ryan but it was a winner. He went from being unsure of the value of the PDP Profile to outlining how the report’s outcomes would help him improve his company acquisition strategy. The profile had immediate benefit and impacted long-term strategy. Bravo!"

William E. Vernon

Founder and Chief Connection Officer, Gretel, LLC.

"I had a privilege to be coached, advised and led by Burt, as being part of senior executive coach program, and I can say that my professional as well as private profile and perspective of business and life have changed in key areas, thanks to Burt’s effective methodology and process.

Burt has strong business and life experience rounded with his humble approach, yet diligent and persistent drive to develop people. He firstly provide to people relevant self-awareness and building on that core base, he leads them through critical development areas, by spotting gaps and navigating people through their developmental journey.

He didn’t take over ownership of development from me as trainee, but through swiftly build trust as well as through open conversation, demonstrated empathy, patient questioning and listening, he ensured that I take action steps fully relevant for my development.

He helped me to put the priority in place, to have most effective work-life balance and to maintain integrity to my values.
Thanks to Burt and all sessions with him I managed to make critical business decisions which I’m now proud of.

I have strong impression of Burt as someone who is doing his job with full passion, love and people orientation, which I believe is with his advanced and sophisticated skills crucial for having such rich and successful career and fulfilled life.

Thank you Burt!"

Radmilo Vlacic

General Manager, AL & CO, Philip Morris International


"Burt worked with me to help me through some issues I was having managing my group. His direct feedback and clear suggestions on how to change my behavior, ways to try and work with the differing personalities, and working with me to figure out how and why I was doing things led to a solid turn around in the group. This was clearly reflected in our yearly employee surveys where my group rewarded this with a massive increase in scores. Strongly recommend!"

Gavin Fischer, PhD

Senior Director



"Burt is a dedicated professional, seasoned manager, a trustworthy executive and fun to work with."

Hugues Chassagne

General Manager, Knowings SA Groupe EVERIAL

"Burt brings a global perspective to his role as a Certified Value Builder™. Burt would be an excellent sounds board for anyone with a big vision of where they want to take their company."

John Warrillow

Founder, The Value Builder System™

"I was extremely impressed by Burt’s knowledge and understanding of the PDP assessment. I have taken several other personality strengths assessments in the past but this goes to the top of my list of recommendations. Burt was clear and thorough in walking me through the findings and completely validated my thoughts regarding my career and work style. I highly recommend Burt to anyone interested in taking a quality strengths assessment and learning how to apply not only in a work environment but life situations in general."

Ann Mc Cartan, SWP

Program Manager, North Highland Management Consulting

"The PDP assessment blew me away because the survey took me 8 minutes to complete and it completely captured my personality, style of communication and character defects. The PDP tool is essential if you want to improve your personal way of communicating, understanding others better and overall improve your outlook on the dynamics of people. Burt’s patience and level of knowledge about PDP gave me a very high rate of return on time invested."

Cindy Clarke

Executive Director, UNC Asheville Family Business Forum, Univ. NC, Asheville

"Burt played a central role in a Team Development Process we implemented for the Ascend Performance Materials Human Resource Leadership Team. The results of the Lohoff-Gaida PDP Assessment and Burt’s supporting analysis, feedback and coaching helped leadership team members gain unique and practical insights into their behavior and social styles. This has been a useful vehicle for increasing personal effectiveness and enhancing how we work more effectively as a team and with our Customers."

Gerry Gibson

Director & Sr. Advisor, OD & OE | Ascend Performance Materials

"Our company has had the pleasure of working with Mr. Lohoff-Gaida on 2 projects in the last 12 months. We have found him to be responsive, very professional, perceptive, and able to provide detailed, clear and useful insight on our Human Resource needs. Burt also produced results in a timely manner both times we used his services.

We would be pleased to recommend Burt for any HR-related work you need done. We will not hesitate to contact him again should the need arise."

Ed Marentette

Managing Partner, Restaurant Management Search

"Burt’s consulting and PDP tools have been a real help in confirming personnel decisions in our small business expansion. I really appreciate him praying with us and feel he has a God given desire to help families like ours to fulfill the vision the Lord has given to us. I feel he is able to help in HR counsel over a broad range of industries and business."

Dr. David Wilson

Owner The Reversal Clinic

"Burt Lohoff-Gaida is a long time supporter of the Wake Forest University Center for Private Business providing top quality programming for center members. The PDP exercise was a hit with members. I participated in the exercise as well and I was very impressed with how accurate the results were. PDP is a valuable tool for selecting the right person for the right position."

Rhonda Stokes

Charlotte Director, The Center for Private Business, Wake Forest University, Charlotte, NC

"We have had the privilege to partner with Burt to help find an alternative to a current process. Throughout this time Burt has demonstrated an understanding of what we need by listening. By listening, he was able to determine a solution that could allow us to have efficiency gains while at the same time guide us in strategic human capital decisions from hiring to promotions. Burt’s knowledge, professionalism, and integrity are reasons to consider his services."

Christopher Houston, SPHR

HR Manager, Hyde Park Partners

"Seeking direction for my career after retiring from 13 years playing in the NFL, Burt introduced me to the PDP assessment. I was amazed at the accuracy and insight of the feedback I received. I gained valuable understanding of my work style and clear direction about occupations and work environments where I would thrive. Burt was incredibly knowledgeable and an invaluable coach during my transition process."

Kevin Donnalley

Director of Player Development, UNC Charlotte Football; Carolina Panthers Broadcast Team

"We have had the joy of working with Burt in regards to filling several positions at our company. The tools and approaches he has provided have been invaluable. His personal dedication and follow-up has also been wonderful. We would definitely recommend him and his services to better target your company’s hiring processes."

Angel I. Ribó

President and CEO, Peninsula Research Inc.

"I’ve experienced Meyers Briggs, 360 reviews DISC….you name it. But I was floored by the accuracy of PDP . It was the most accurate assessment tool that I have seen in 30 years. I’m a believer!! I really enjoyed reviewing my report with Burt. I found the information valuable for my personal and professional development."

Steve Thomas

Vice President, Technical Opérations, Comcast

"I have known Burt for years on a personal level and he is an outstanding individual. On the business side, I had a spike in hiring in 2015 and 16, and we needed more detailed information on our candidates to get the right administrative fit. The PDP assessment was the ticket. The survey took minutes to complete and it captured the motivation level, style of communication and character strengths. The PDP tool provides valuable information matching individual strengths to foster positive results. It saved us time and money, and our new hire jumped right in, meeting all the expectations that Burt promised. I highly recommend talking to Burt to get your company going in the right direction."

Tim Sullivan

Owner/President, Key Community Management

"We engaged iLuminate/Burt Lohoff-Gaida to assist us in hiring a General Manager. We are a medium sized construction company and needed help designing a well thought out job description, sourcing and interviewing game plan. We needed a way to help us objectively review the candidates for consideration. His PDP process and insight made the process so much more focused and effective. Hiring such an important position was a big step for us and we feel we could not have hired a manager within the time frame we wanted to, as effectively as we did, without Burt’s help. Burt is insightful, experienced and direct and we would recommend his services wholeheartedly."

Pam Arthur

H&S Roofing

"I thoroughly enjoyed my sit down with Burt to review the results of my PDP assessment. Burt is a total pro. His presentation was clear and concise and I was duly impressed when he further evidenced the findings of the PDP tool with comments I had made early in our discussion. Nothing escapes him! With the PDP tool, one learns that one has certain personality traits that are immutable. Those traits can lead to behaviors that either help or hinder one in the workplace, leading to either success or frustration. Being Type A doesn't work in every job! Thank you, Burt, for helping me know and understand myself much better. I will put your observations and advice to good use!"

Brian Neligan

Director of Strategic Initiatives

EACH Enterprise, LLC

"Hi Burt, I like you to know how much I appreciate your coaching.It has helped me become a better human being and at the sametime care for my self too. It’s really Beautiful!! Thank you Pepi"

Pepi Gonzales


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