Hire Right

The future success of your company depends on hiring the right people. Why not let science help you make better hiring decisions? PDP’s Job Scan® and JobModels takes the guess work out of how to hire the best possible person. Using the strengths and styles of your top performers, we can create job models against which you compare your job candidates. And, based on these behavioral attributes, we will develop a catalog of questions that will help you identify the best match for your vacancy. And once you have matched the right person to the right job, you increase both the individual’s and company’s success and reduce your turnover costs.

iLuminate Consulting works with great companies who have outstanding products, services and highly skilled employees. Most of these companies have strategies in place, so they know exactly where they are headed.  Their roadmap is supported by people who understand marketing, sales and finance. They have the most up-to-date technologies that money can buy. Given all of the things that these companies have going for them, why do they still have issues with:

  • Turnover
  • Low employee engagement
  • Making good hiring decisions
  • On-boarding new employees
  • Office politics
  • Team performance
  • Communication
  • Poor leadership pipeline

iLuminate Consulting can conduct an MRI on your business practices and processes to discover what are the areas where your organization is struggling or missing opportunities that are having a negative impact on your bottom line. We will then work with you to specifically address these issues we winning solutions. Our objective is to get  your organization running on all 8 cylinders so that you can over-achieve on both your top and bottom line goals.

Job Model Report

  • Job Dynamics Analysis
  • Job Model Data Sheet
  • Job Model Intensity Chart

Screening Reports

  • Applicant Ranking
  • Job Matching Intensity Chart
  • Job Matching Chart
  • Interviewing Guides
  • Selection/Recruiting Report
"Burt is dedicated professional, seasoned manage, a trustworthy executive and fun to work with."
- Hugues Chassagne
General Manager, Knowings SA Groupe EVERIA
"Burt brings a global perspective to his role as a Certified Value Builder™. Burt would be an excellent sounds board for anyone with a big vision of where they want to take their company."
- John Warrillow
Founder, The Value Builder System™
"Burt’s consulting and PDP tools have been a real help in confirming personnel decisions in our small business expansion. I really appreciate him praying with us and feel he has a God given desire to help families like ours to fulfill the vision the Lord has given to us. I feel he is able to help in HR counsel over a broad range of industries and business."
- Dr. David Wilson
Owner The Reversal Clinic
"We have had the joy of working with Burt in regards to filling several positions at our company. The tools and approaches he has provided have been invaluable. His personal dedication and follow-up has also been wonderful. We would definitely recommend him and his services to better target your company’s hiring processes."
- Angel I. Ribó
President and CEO, Peninsula Research Inc.
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