Executive Coaching is all about identifying a behavior or behaviors that are getting in the way of reaching your goals and then – with the help of your coach – taking the necessary sets to change your behavior. I am currently working with a PGA instructor to try to improve my golf game. My goal is to lower my current handicap of 14 to a 5 or 6. While every part of my golf game could improve, there is one area that needs real change: hitting the ball off the heal of the club, commonly called a “shank”. The outcome is that my shot darts to the right. It is very frustrating and I often feel helpless. I can’t correct this issue on my own. I need professional help. My coach has identified the problem and has been able to show it to me using a video camera. He has also given me exercises which will help me correct the fault. But I need to practice, a lot, in order to break old habits. It isn’t easy and I know that my coach will hold me accountable if I’m not working hard as I agreed I would.

When I work with business clients I first want to understand from them what their goals and objectives are for the coaching engagement. In most cases the client’s company is paying for the coaching so I will want to know what their expectations of the coaching are. Coaching engagements can be very intense or a bit more laid back. A period of at least 6 months will be required to make some real progress with the client. Here’s what a typical executive coaching engagement might look like:

iLuminate Consulting Executive Coaching Process:

Putting the Coaching Process in Place:

  • Minimum 6 month engagement
  • Meet with sponsor to discuss goals of coaching engagement
  • Introductory session with client

360 degree interviews after 6 months

"Burt is dedicated professional, seasoned manage, a trustworthy executive and fun to work with."
- Hugues Chassagne
General Manager, Knowings SA Groupe EVERIA
"Burt brings a global perspective to his role as a Certified Value Builder™. Burt would be an excellent sounds board for anyone with a big vision of where they want to take their company."
- John Warrillow
Founder, The Value Builder System™
"Burt’s consulting and PDP tools have been a real help in confirming personnel decisions in our small business expansion. I really appreciate him praying with us and feel he has a God given desire to help families like ours to fulfill the vision the Lord has given to us. I feel he is able to help in HR counsel over a broad range of industries and business."
- Dr. David Wilson
Owner The Reversal Clinic
"We have had the joy of working with Burt in regards to filling several positions at our company. The tools and approaches he has provided have been invaluable. His personal dedication and follow-up has also been wonderful. We would definitely recommend him and his services to better target your company’s hiring processes."
- Angel I. Ribó
President and CEO, Peninsula Research Inc.
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