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Earn your PDP Certification and gain the skills to administer assessments, interpret results, and drive positive change from within your organization. Transform your business by understanding behavior on an individual and team level.


PDP is an integrated management system that can be used everyday in all parts of your business. No issue is too small or large for PDP to handle and add value to your business. Whether you are trying to hire the best candidate for an important position you have vacant or to change the culture of your entire organization, PDP is the right tool for the job!

As you know, there are many behavioral assessment tools on the market. iLuminate has researched all of them and has found PDP to be the best because of:

  • Accuracy (96%)
  • Speed (survey takes under 10 minutes to complete)
  • Data
  • Multiple applications
  • Low cost

Click Here to see a competitive analysis of PDP with other behavioral assessments.

iLuminate Consulting can do the work for you or provide training so that you can bring the PDP know-how into your company.

Have you ever wonder why people are the way they are? What motives people and what are their expectations of a job or a company? If you are a business owner or executive and know these things about your people, you can have a huge, positive impact on them and your business!

Have you ever made a bad hiring decision, one that has ended up costing you a lot of money or disturbing your team?  Maybe you were totally caught off guard a key employee turned in their resignation and moved to a competitor. We can’t turn back time but we can and should learn from these situations.


ProScan® is a non-threatening, quick, easy and reliable survey tool that is one of the most advanced survey tools available today,  that accurately assess a person's basic and preferred work styles. ProScan® focuses on strengths and motivators to help employers create an environment that reduces employee stress while improving energy and morale.


JobScan® defines a position in terms of the behavioral dynamics most likely to succeed at the job. This instrument designs ideal specifications for a position and compares them to each applicant's work style. JobScan® helps managers match people to positions, increasing hiring success and decreasing attrition.


TeamScan® graphs a composite of the individuals in a group, showing likely group work styles and preferences in a department, division or the entire organization. TeamScan® predicts group interactions, uncovers why some teams are more productive than others, and identifies the corporate culture in concrete terms.

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"Burt is dedicated professional, seasoned manage, a trustworthy executive and fun to work with."
- Hugues Chassagne
General Manager, Knowings SA Groupe EVERIA
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"Burt brings a global perspective to his role as a Certified Value Builder™. Burt would be an excellent sounds board for anyone with a big vision of where they want to take their company."
- John Warrillow
Founder, The Value Builder System™
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"Burt’s consulting and PDP tools have been a real help in confirming personnel decisions in our small business expansion. I really appreciate him praying with us and feel he has a God given desire to help families like ours to fulfill the vision the Lord has given to us. I feel he is able to help in HR counsel over a broad range of industries and business."
- Dr. David Wilson
Owner The Reversal Clinic
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"We have had the joy of working with Burt in regards to filling several positions at our company. The tools and approaches he has provided have been invaluable. His personal dedication and follow-up has also been wonderful. We would definitely recommend him and his services to better target your company’s hiring processes."
- Angel I. Ribó
President and CEO, Peninsula Research Inc.
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