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Passing On Life Lessons

Life is crazy busy right now and I’m treading water, trying not to drown! In the coming weeks I will have experienced three graduations, one wedding, my only daughter moving 800 miles away to be with her future husband and in August moving my twin boys to college.  Most parents can spread out these events – and expenses – over several years. No such luck for me! I’ll manage all…


Waiting Well

“Are we almost there?” “Why won’t this page load any faster?” “Why doesn’t the recruiter call me back?” “Is our table almost ready?” Do these phrases sound familiar? We’ve all said them. Thousands of high school seniors – right now – return home from school anxious to see what the mailman/woman has delivered: When will they finally hear if they have been accepted to their favorite university? If the wait…


We came to fight!

The odds were stacked against us and we knew it: A high school student body of 4,900 vs. 400 A mature lacrosse program playing for its 4th consecutive state championship title vs. a program that was in only its seventh season 42 players (a total of 60 were cut from the team) vs. 22, many of whom were freshman Being a dad of twin boys who play on the Charlotte…